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We take care of
Earth with you

Central mountain ranges of the province of San Luis
San Francisco del Monte de Oro

Through the management of our private nature reserve Quebrada del Palmar, which is a protected area of the mountain valley, we make a valuable contribution towards biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

In addition, we play an important role in society concerning environmental education, scientific investigation, research into ancient indigenous cultures that inhabited the area and the observation of flora and fauna by visitors. Also, Árbol del Sur’s school offers a volunteer program that carries out surveys and obtains data on vulnerable areas, monitors flora and fauna, controls waste disposal and collects firewood in order to prevent fires.

Mother Nature works through networks that involve different contacts and multiple functions.
Each part plays a specific role and, at the same time, they play together a collective one.
“We make sure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy and understand the value of the areas that have largely remained unspoiled, that is to say, not affected by human activities for a long period of time.”
Among the great diversity of wildlife that can be found in the Reserve,
we highlight the importance of:


“Nature’s vehicle”

The nature reserve is located next to El Palmar stream which is originated 5 kilometers upstream in the highest point of the central mountain ranges of San Luis. This flow of running water is crucial to ensure the quality of life of the region’s native species. Also, this stream maintains the region’s water supply and its quality. Due to the lack of human settlements from its source to the reserve, the water keeps all its mineral properties: there are no human or chemical wastes and the only ones that can be found are those linked with cows and goats grazing activities. Our reserve is strategically located before the urban zone and this is key because El Palmar stream flows into the San Francisco river that provides the supply of clean water for the village.

Condor andino Arbol del Sur

Andean condor

“The one who soars the sky of the central mountain ranges”

As our main purpose is to provide a new meaning to ancient wisdom, the stunning fly of the Andean condor among El Palmar central mountain ranges is key not only because of the biological role it plays in the ecosystem, but also because of the sacred and spiritual meaning it has for the South American people worldview. Nowadays, it is declared a San Luis’ natural monument.

The mountain valley

“If you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you”

The nature reserve’s location in the central mountain ranges of the province of San Luis offers a great opportunity to develop the genetic conservation of unique plants and their evolution process. A lot of them are medicinal and aromatic plants so they are used in a conscious and respectful way in order to preserve them.

Natural diversity of the ecosystem turns the area into a space of high importance for the conservation of wildlife and the development of activities concerning environmental, geological and cultural interpretation, among others. Both students and professionals are involved in these activities.

The Caranday palm tree is the one that stands out in the nature reserve. It is native to the central region of Argentina and it was declared a San Luis’ natural monument so it must be effectively protected..


Forest’s king

“Liberty’s nest”

This gorgeous bird, also known as black-backed grosbeak, is a unique species that can only be found in South America.

Nowadays, it is widely demanded as a pet because of its colors and the beauty of its distinctive singing. For this reason, it is listed as an endangered species.

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Ancient Culture

“Land is the root and source of our culture”

In the nature reserve, remains of ancient indigenous communities were found such as fixed mortars carved in stone that were used to crush food or prepare natural dyes; other holes in the rock were used as astronomical viewpoints: their body of water allowed the observation of the sky and its movements during specific times of the year. A huge ancestral presence in the area was also confirmed when utensils and tools that belonged to ancient inhabitants were found such as conanas (a type of mortar that consisted of two parts), boleadoras (a throwing weapon made with weights attached to the end of the rope in order to capture animals) and arrowheads. An indigenous cemetery was found in the surroundings as well as cave paintings. Early 1 800 stone built ancient constructions are highlighted inside the reserve.

Reserva Natural - Quebrada del Palmar

Join us to take care of the mountain valley

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