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Árbol del Sur’s school offers extracurricular activities created as a consequence of the social and environmental crisis; the school offers a new approach to education based on Nature’s Wisdom. The lessons we teach are based on universal principles inherited from ancient mother cultures providing a new meaning and value to indigenous and ancient wisdom and practices. The aim of the learning process is to raise social and environmental awareness.

We promote the development of human potential through learning processes in connection with social interaction. We offer several activities such as cross-cultural studies, practices that involve body awareness and research assignments. That way, we can build a connection between ancient and modern knowledge.

We are located in the central mountain ranges of the province of San Luis, 10 kilometers away from San Francisco del Monte de Oro.

Estadías de Aprendizaje

The Estadías de Aprendizaje are camping experiences that offer a reunion with Nature in a natural environment. Through them, you will be able to learn how to observe and listen to the natural surroundings, the needs of the land you inhabit and everything it provides you with, and also you will enjoy the benefits of collaborative working. The main point of this learning experience is the respect for the Earth and every living creature. These activities are aligned with the natural cycles throughout the year.

We offer you learning periods to exchange knowledge and recover ancient handicrafts in harmony with Nature so as to turn them into a connection between you and future generations.

Ancla 1

(To Sow

This is a developing educational activity that aims to guide children in connection with their relation with the sacred Nature.

The goal of this proposal is to allow them to recognize themselves as part of Nature.

We aim to connect with Earth’s wisdom through the oral histories of different indigenous people so as to recognize the relationships that develop in Nature, such as the qualities and values of plants and animals.

These histories allow them to go through different emotional stages and invite them to explore using their imagination in order to experiment with games, music, movements, sounds, drawings and painting.


These histories boost their ability to surprise themselves and, through different animals and plants, they will find stimuli that allow them to nurture and strengthen their natural capacities.

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