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Punto de Cultura

Integramos la red Nacional de Puntos de Cultura, un programa nacional que busca fortalecer las acciones de colectivos y organizaciones culturales de anclaje en  todo el territorio federal a través del cual se vinculan experiencias y  el intercambio de saberes. 

JAGUAR MURAL SOCIAL ACTION (only available in Spanish)
​Buenos Aires, San Martín Jail

Andean ceremony during which the Jaguar Mural “La Fuerza de la Tierra” (“The Force of Earth”) was painted. This ceremony took place at the San Martín jail during the 2018 winter solstice.

Interview with Rumi Sardinas Ullpu (only available in Spanish)​

CONSEJO DE PAZ DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA (Council for Peace) (only available in Spanish)

As members of the Consejo de Paz de la República Argentina, we delivered a speech to get closer to the equilibrium of the Forces that push us by recognizing our true Matrix, our essence as Earth’s sons and daughters.

SOCIAL ACTION IN SAN MARTÍN JAIL (only available in Spanish)SOCIAL ACTION IN SAN MARTÍN JAIL (only available in Spanish)

We provide inmates with self-knowledge processes that help them to deal better with the time they have to spend in prison which also results in a better physical, mental and spiritual health. The goal is to help them to deal with difficult situations inside jail with faith and optimism. Through Tai Chi lessons, they work their will and they acquire knowledge concerning their own capacities to sustain themselves by being conscious that they are responsible for their own comprehensive development process.

EL LLAMADO DEL CÓNDOR (The Condor’s Call) (only available in Spanish)

Earth is calling us… In this moment of profound planetary transformation, we want to share a #hope message. We make available this audiovisual material because we wish to meet and hug each other. We trust that our Faith is guiding us towards a new beginning that will find us united in Spirit.

Watch the documentary on YouTube

ELACIÓN CON EL CABALLO (Bonding with Horses) (only available in Spanish)
Ankari’s herd of horses, Traslasierra

WARACHIKUY (only available in Spanish)
Andean race in Buenos Aires

Interview with Tayta Carmelo Ullpu (only available in Spanish)


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